Family Travel

In this section we propose tailor made trips, so that those who travel with children, seniors or simply want to travel in a quiet way you can do. Our team from Morocco waiting offers you all its adapted adventure routes:


Here the little ones will take a first contact with the Nature and the Adventure, we propose to travel the desert, mountain routes, they will be able to make contact with other forms of to live the childhood and you will be able to see to your children playing as you probably did you.

Since within these routes there is the possibility of living with Berber families, the slightly older children will realize the amount of things they have and value the return much more the comforts, will bring adventure and stories to tell, really a unforgetable experience.


These trips are designed for family groups with older people, as you know, Berbers adore and respect their elders, always giving them a place of honor so the older ones will also enjoy the beautiful, can feel protagonists of the adventure, have a Public eager to hear their story and can remember their childhood and youth years. It is an ideal way to share a few days with the whole family on trips adapted for all.

Here we have no fixed or established routes, although we do have recommended itineraries depending on the group, let you advise our experts and we will prepare an unforgettable trip for all.

We make special offers for silver, gold, retirement wedding ?? Tell us and we’ll set you a nice trip, we’ll just ask you to leave your testimony and the children a drawing.